Woman Keeps Finding Long Hair Strands in Bathroom despite Bald Husband & Her Pixie Cut, Decides to Come Home Earlier

Given that her husband was bald and she had short hair, the woman suspected him of being unfaithful when she saw long hair in the bathroom. She confronted him about the strands, worried, but he waved her off. One day, determined to know the truth, she came home early, questioned her husband, and discovered strange men’s shoes. He admitted that, as a result of his unemployment, his friend Dave was lodging with them, using their bathroom, and borrowing clothes.

At first, the woman said, “I asked my husband how he could have known I was coming home early to make me tea,” but she kept her husband’s identity a secret. The bizarre discovery made sense when she realized that Dave’s long hair belonged to him. The reason for the concealment was the husband’s admitted anxiety that wife wouldn’t approve of Dave’s stay. Seeing the circumstances, the woman proposed that Dave stay with them till he gets back on his feet.

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