Funny – A Blonde Got Caught In A

A blizzard caught a blonde… When the little blonde got off work, it was snowing so much and blowing so hard that visibility was nearly nonexistent. As she headed for her car, she started to worry about how she would get home.

While her car warmed up, she sat there and considered her circumstances. At last, she recalled her father’s instruction to wait for a snow plow to pass by and heed it if she found herself in a blizzard.

She would avoid becoming stuck in the snowdrift in this manner. She felt so much better after this, and sure enough, a snow plow passed by and she began to follow it.

She was feeling rather smug as she followed the snow plow and was not finding the storm conditions difficult at all. She was a little taken aback when, after a while, the snow plow came to a stop, the driver got out, returned to her car, and motioned for her to roll down her window.

She had been following the snow plow driver for a while, so he wanted to know whether she was okay. She assured him that she was alright and shared her father’s suggestion to follow a snow plow in the event of a blizzard. The driver said he was done with the Walmart parking lot and was heading over to the K-mart, but she was free to follow him if she so desired.

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