Scientists and environmentalists are fascinated by the elephant, a unique creature found in the vast stretches of lush forests and open savannas. A great deal of research has revealed how similar to our own experiences these gentle giants have a vast emotional range and grieving process.

Colorado State University’s dedicated conservation biologist George Wittemyer gave National Geographic an inside look at his copious elephant observations. He clarified the complex and enigmatic processes by which these magnificent animals deal with the death of a herd member.

“Elephants have respect for their dead, but we don’t fully understand how they interact with them,” Wittemyer added. Elephants have deep-rooted emotions in response to the loss of one of their own, as demonstrated by this mysterious behavior.

Recent footage released by Parveen Kaswan on Twitter captures an incredible event that demonstrates the emotional intelligence and unique grief process of elephants. A quiet path is crossed by the herd of elephants in the video, one of them is seen tenderly holding something in its trunk. Viewers see that the elephant is holding a dead elephant foal after examining it more closely.

The elephant with the little load lays the dead calf gently on the ground as the herd comes to a somber standstill. The others assemble in a circle of respect around him, resulting in a moving tableau of mutual grief and mourning.

The film, titled “The family just don’t want to leave the baby,” perfectly captures the elephants’ demeanor as a somber cortege for a departed family member. A second elephant comes along as the journey goes on, gently holding the deceased calf in its trunk. Elephant herds are highly social animals, and this exhibition emphasizes how deeply they can grieve and stand together.

The film is a powerful illustration of the elephants’ innate respect for the dead and their awareness of the intense grief they feel as a group, demonstrating the depth of their emotional range.

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