Who has the biggest bobs in the world? Fetish model with backbreaking 102ZZZ bazoombas

Norma Stitz, as Annie Hawkins-Turner, has the largest breasts in the world at a whopping 102ZZZ. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1956 and became famous as a fetish model. Allen Turner, her late husband, urged her to create a website to flaunt her massive pecs.

Due to her disease of gigantomastia, Annie’s breasts weigh an incredible nine stone. At age five, her breasts started growing, and by age nine, they were a full 36D. She was unable to breastfeed any of her children. Annie said she didn’t want to get breast reduction surgery because her back muscles helped her out during her rapid growth.

Her breasts earned her a Guinness World Record, a legion of adoring fans, and a yearly income of $40,000. Her current wealth is estimated to be £5.5 million. Annie, a successful businesswoman, discusses the emotional toll of constant scrutiny on herself and her son and recalls being teased as a teenager for her big bosom.

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