Jim-Bob from ‘The Waltons,’ now 61, went from TV star to quiet delivery truck driver.

After “The Waltons” ended, David W. Harper, famous for his portrayal as Jim-Bob Walton, lived a more private existence. He made his acting debut in 1971 as the young Jim-Bob, a man with a wide range of interests. He was born in 1961. He stayed with the program for almost ten years.

He returned to school after “The Waltons,” this time to study business. Like his TV sibling Eric Scott, Harper preferred to remain in the background. It’s interesting that they ended up working together, as Harper was a driver for the package delivery firm Chase Messengers.


Harper lives a rather secluded life, but she does like seeing fans on occasion. Paul the elder son’s latter years were spent under his son’s care. Harper is happy because of his faith in God, his love of music, and the challenge of solving riddles. Sometimes people will confuse him with a Los Angeles art dealer who shares his name.


According to reports, now that he is 61 years old, Harper is writing a biography on his time on “The Waltons,” following in the footsteps of Mary McDonough, who portrayed Erin Walton. Those who enjoyed “The Waltons” will enjoy this insightful read.

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