‘I Need 2 Pizzas’ 911 Gets Call from Scared Woman, Operator Realizes She’s in Trouble – Daily Drama

Jane’s husband lost his job, and she was forced into an abusive relationship. When she contacted a pizzeria, realizing how dangerous their situation was, she inadvertently got in touch with Denise, a 911 call center operator with an interesting background.

Inspired by her father’s law enforcement career, Denise had aspirations of becoming a police officer herself. But her hopes seemed dashed when an incapacitating vehicle accident resulted in the amputation of her legs. She eventually discovered her purpose in serving and defending the community, thanks to her father’s encouragement, after pursuing a career in the 911 emergency response service.

Jane called Denise one day in an odd way, trying to order pizzas out of distress. Denise quietly probed with yes-or-no inquiries, sensing a covert cry for assistance, and discovered a grave case of domestic violence. Denise determined where Jane was and used quick thinking to locate her, guaranteeing prompt assistance.

As the call went on, Jane disclosed her husband’s violent behavior and their urgent need for assistance. When the spouse found out about the call, things got heated and there was a tense moment before the line went dead. Luckily, Denise had previously located their address, which gave a police squad enough time to save Jane and her kid.

After Jane’s husband was taken into custody, Jane was granted sole custody of Matilda with Denise’s help. They went through therapy together and used Denise’s companionship to start over in their lives. The incident demonstrated the strength of an apparently ordinary call, transforming it into a lifeline that saved Jane and Matilda from a dangerous circumstance and demonstrating the idea that heroes can appear out of nowhere.

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