Pair Adopts a 6-year-old Boy, Finds Him Nursing a Strange Baby in His Room the Next Day

Ben, age six, was adopted by Colleen and Ray, a devoted couple. But the very next day, they found Ben nursing a baby girl in his chamber, and that’s when their lives took an unexpected turn. Ben disclosed that the infant was his foster sister from the Franklins, his former residence where he had experienced maltreatment.

Ben argued that Mrs. Campbell couldn’t be trusted when Colleen and Ray approached the foster coordinator. DCFS employee Alana stepped in to assist. She gave the Fergusons permission to temporarily foster the infant and made a commitment to look into the Franklins.

The Franklins and Mrs. Campbell confronted the Fergusons and demanded the baby’s return as tensions increased. Threats and violent altercations ensued, and the situation descended into chaos.

Ben came clean about the abuse he had received, which further connected the Franklins to the crime. After receiving a call, the police detained Mr. Franklin on suspicion of attacking an officer.

After further examinations turned up proof of the Franklins’ wrongdoing, accusations of abuse and other offenses were brought against Mrs. Campbell and the Franklins. Colleen and Ray made the decision to adopt Grace, the newborn girl, in the interim.

The Fergusons, who are now a family of four, welcomed their new beginning as the wrongdoers were brought to justice.

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