You can avoid using chemical fertilizers by using a miracle fertilizer.

A farmer’s unusual but successful way of fertilizing tomato plants with an egg and banana has gone viral and has approximately 1.2 million views globally. The video went viral. After excavating a hole and inserting a raw egg and a banana into its shell, the farmer covers the plantings with soil and grows tomato seedlings on top.

The secret is that as the egg and banana break down over time, they release “magic nutrients” that are important for the growth of vegetable seeds. This two-ingredient natural fertilizer takes the place of conventional fertilizers, which are proven to be harmful to crops, the environment, and human health.

Fruits and vegetables lose flavor and appearance when chemical fertilizers are used, a practice that is frequently motivated by ecological degradation and ozone layer deterioration. These compounds speed up plant growth and improve appearance, but they can affect taste and put crops at risk in the long run. Excessive chemical fertilization weakens plants, making them more prone to disease and decreasing their ability to fend off pests—both of which impede plant growth in general.

Natural fertilizers, such as ash, manure, and vegetable waste, provide an economical and environmentally beneficial substitute. The egg and banana method is a straightforward yet effective example of how natural fertilizers can take the place of dangerous chemical ones, resulting in healthier crops and a more sustainable way of farming.


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