People called the poor dog ‘werewolf’ because they simply didn’t know what kind of animal he was

Everyone in Madera Ranchos, California, avoided a wolf-like beast that had gone missing and was in bad shape. The term “werewolf” came from its distinctive balding head, thin body, and patchy fur. Its sharp tail and scaly skin led people to believe it was sick and dangerous, so they avoided it.

A kind woman eventually decided to call for help for the stray puppy. Adoptable Rescued Pup’s creator, Megan Bowe, answered the phone and raced to the location. It seemed as if he were literally on his final legs, she recounted. He felt so down that he could hardly stand.

King, a sick German shepherd mix, was quickly identified as the monster. King was probably in a vehicle accident because he had scabies, a broken tail, and an injured pelvis. Megan and the vets started the treatment, which included surgical procedures.

Despite his advanced age, King was just a year old, and he made good progress in his rehabilitation. Following the successful procedures, Megan is determined to find a caring family for King. “It only took one person,” she said. The world improves because of kind people like Megan and the lady who rang for assistance.

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