Living Life on the Road: The Thrilling Adventure of Sam and Rachel Dix

Do you ever daydream about going on an adventure where you get to explore the globe and make memories that will last a lifetime? I’m delighted to introduce you to Sam and Rachel Dix, a lovely Bristol couple who recently had their long-held wish granted.

They took off on an adventurous adventure as a family in a yellow school bus they had transformed into a luxurious mobile home in the United States. You know what else? Even their newborn baby, Bodhi, was welcomed into their unconventional RV.

They began their journey by transporting a school bus from New York to Southampton and then onto a farm in Somerset. The bus measured 37 feet by 8 feet. This bus, which was formerly meant to transport 72 children, is now a symbol of the family’s ever-expanding love and excitement.

The completion of this labor of love took longer than six months. Both Rachel, an expert in interior design, and Sam, a skilled carpenter, worked tirelessly to make the bus what it is today.

Instead of seats, there are now beautiful hardwood flooring, a fully-equipped kitchen, a cozy bedroom, and a luxurious bathroom. Every detail was thought out to make this space feel warm and inviting.

The Motorhome Matt podcast provided Sam and Rachel with ideas for their new lifestyle. This episode provided helpful tips for picking the right motorhome and for making money on the road.

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