«This is how people live in Finland!» One pensioner showed life somewhere between an urban life and nature

Everyone now wants to live in the estate that a retired artist showed off! 🙠😍A proprietor captured the essence of everyday life in Finland and took the internet by storm! 🤫😳 Check out this post for pictures of the inside! 👇👇👇

On the island of Lauttasaari in Helsinki, there are incredible dachas directly beneath the windows of multi-story buildings. One of these dachas is owned by a retired artist who is fifty-nine years old. His dacha is just next to the building where he resides, which is on the ninth level.

After years of looking for one, he built this mansion in 2009 with just his two bare hands. A modest food garden and a library are also located there. It may be said that he makes art at his dacha.

He visits here frequently in the mornings and likes to read books. Nobody can ignore the special place that pensioners occupy and remain uninterested. He finds it advantageous that he doesn’t have to drive to get to his apartment—he can walk there in two minutes.

He thinks it’s the perfect location for spending time with loved ones, taking in the scenery, and producing art.



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