‘Condemned’ house purchased for $5K is flipped into a lovely home by 2 friends who uncover its value

The art of house flipping has always captivated viewers worldwide.
From finding a decaying home to seeing a nicely refurbished one is amazing.

While mainstream television has given us shows like “Fixer Upper” and “Flip or Flop” on HGTV, the digital revolution has allowed independent filmmakers to shine on YouTube.

Digital gems include “Austin Flipsters.”

This charming YouTube series, hosted by Lauren and Lincoln, takes viewers on a house-flipping adventure in Austin, Texas.
Their mission goes beyond property transformation.

As their channel wisely states, “We cover all aspects of renovating and remodeling our flip houses including the design and investing concepts behind our projects.”

Their message to viewers is heartfelt: “We love what we do and want to share the journey with you.”

Lauren and Lincoln pursue a remarkable Brownwood, Texas property in one of their most intriguing episodes.
The 2-1/2-hour drive from Austin makes one question why they went there.

The property’s allure and promise are the solution.

The $5,000 house was a diamond in the rough.
A discount like this was rare, especially considering the house facing demolition.

This house had its troubles, like most things that appear too good to be true.

It was dilapidated and needed substantial repairs.

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