«Comfort overload!» One couple showed their tiny rural house and now everyone dreams of living there

Taking a chance, the family transformed their old house into a magnificent home fit for a fairy tale! 😮👏

They revamped their ancient house and took over the network with a tiny budget and a lot of drive! See this article for the final results! 🔥🤯 👇👇👇

This four-person family lives only 24 miles from Turku in a Finnish village. The husband, Jarkko, his wife, Maria, and their two darling sons make up the group. They reside in an old log home that was built in the 1920s, if you can believe it.

It is situated amidst mother nature’s serene surroundings. It has become a dream home for everyone, surrounded by woods and the allure of country living.

From the outset, renovations were undertaken to transform the formerly unremarkable location into a comfortable home equipped with all the necessities for a comfortable and well-rounded living. They added more living space and enlarged the house to 140 square meters.


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