Woman spots what she thinks is a happy bird in the forest – then suddenly realizes her mistake

A walk in the woods can provide mental peace and lead to chance encounters. Australian amateur photographer Kym Beechey loves to travel and take pictures of the natural world. She was out for a walk when she observed what she took to be a baby tawny frogmouth, a bird that resembles an owl.

She was so thrilled to capture this moment that she thought the bird was grinning only for the camera. When she realized it was a banksia pod and not a bird, her initial exhilaration faded to amusement. Banksia trees, which are common in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the southwestern part of Australia, produce pods that can take on a variety of visual forms.

Despite its superficial resemblance to pine cones, banksia pods are not actually conifers. The distinctive look of these plants is due to the fact that their seed capsules burst out during forest fires.

After a good belly laugh, Kym decided to add this offbeat photo to her collection. As Kym learned, even a case of mistaken identity in the outdoors may lead to unforgettable moments, proving that nature never ceases to amaze us.

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