Were walking on the beach when they found something that others thought was a common stone.

While strolling along Middleton Sands Beach in the UK, Gary and Angela Williams came upon an unusual discovery. Upon initial observation, the object seemed like any other stone, but something compelled them to look into it more. It appeared like an egg from a dinosaur, as Angela describes it. Their quest for answers paid off, as what they discovered proved to be extremely important.

The enigmatic item was found to be Gray Amber, a material formed in sperm whale intestines. These whales’ intestines create a sticky coating to shield their internal organs from sharp items like squid beaks. These materials solidify into lumps that have a unique smell over time.

Gary described the discovery as having an odor “that is somewhere between fish and natural fertilizer.” This 1.5-kilogram chunk of Gray Amber was valued a cool $70,000, despite its ugly appearance and smell. It is important to remember that, in many regions, it is prohibited to own it because of its association with whaling.

The Williams family’s unanticipated find proved to be a worthwhile bonus, demonstrating the riches that can lurk in unlikely locations.

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