TOM BRADY Reportedly Has a New Woman in His Life…And She Has a Very Familiar Face

Supermodel Irina Shayk made headlines when she declined to speak on her relationship with retired quarterback Tom Brady during a recent interview with ELLE. She remarked, “I share my work stuff because I decided to keep my personal life personal,” emphasizing her wish to make her private life just that. Because it is uniquely my, I give it the name “personal.”

The New York residence of Tom Brady’s fiancee Shayk was spotted. There had been rumors of a romance between them since July, when they went on this date. Conflicting schedules, according to their sources, led to the recent “fizzling out” of their relationship, but there was reportedly no tension between them.

After meeting at a wedding in Italy, Shayk and Brady became close friends while living in Los Angeles. They were constantly spotted together all summer long, including traveling to London, and Shayk was finally seen in Brady’s New York City apartment in September.

“If one day I feel like I want to share it,” Shayk says, “then I will.”

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