This ancient house in England left from the 16th century lets no one remain indifferent

It’s true that there is a 16th-century mansion that still exists, yet restoration is forbidden! 😮 This post showcases the appearance of this remarkable residence! 🙖👇

One historic 16th-century house that still stands in the tiny Wiltshire village of Box, England, is up for sale. The building’s original architecture has been renovated to reflect contemporary living requirements.

It appears at first to be a location for Jane Ostin romance scenes, but upon entering, one finds all the necessities for existence. This historic structure is called The Old Diary, and it never fails to astonish.

Ignoring its exterior, the building is regarded as one of the most remarkable locations, and restoration would destroy its historical charm. This has cultural and historical significance and is overseen by a special commission.


It was inhabited for the last time in 2007. They are currently looking for new owners. A turtle has lived on the estate for about a century, therefore there is no way that it can be relocated.

The honorable woman was the original owner and proudly goes by Hercules. Hercules sleeps from early autumn to late spring. During the hot summer months, the animal eats vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

Being the most senior citizen in this community, Hercules is well-liked and respected by all. The owners are asking for 825,000 pounds.

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