More And More People Are Accusing Beyonce Of Lightening Her Skin

Beyoncé, the legendary singer and diva, made a triumphant return to the public eye in London on her first public appearance since the’skin bleaching’ scandal. Along with her husband Jay-Z and other famous Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill, she was spotted having fun on a night out. The dinner was held at Oswald’s, a private members’ club that attracts affluent people and has a steep £2,500 annual membership fee.

Entering Oswald’s, Beyoncé, who is 42 years old, tried to keep a low profile. She wore a white hood that partially covered the issue around her newly lightened blonde hair. Dark sunglasses, white pants, a suit coat, boots, and a mink coat were the finishing touches to her ensemble. Jay-Z, her 53-year-old spouse, went for a more laid-back style with black tracksuit bottoms, sneakers, and a bulky coat.

Henry Cavill,40, and Tom Cruise,61, both of Hollywood, were there to support the happy couple. Henry used a bright checkered tie to break up the black suits that the two actors were wearing. There was bound to be a lot of media and spectator interest given the concentration of such famous people in one location.

Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles fiercely defended her daughter against charges of “skin bleaching” on social media just two days before Beyoncé made her public debut. In a recent snapshot from the Renaissance concert video debut, Beyoncé was accused by online critics of wearing a platinum blonde wig and having lighter skin.

In an Instagram video, Knowles, 69, addressed the haters and vented her anger over the unfounded claims. Claiming to be sick of people abusing her, she vehemently disputed the allegations of skin bleaching. Knowles elaborated that Beyoncé’s silver hair and clothes were inspired by the Renaissance documentary, whose central theme was silver. She criticized those who perpetuated the narrative of Beyoncé wanting to be white, emphasizing that her daughter was making a fashion statement.

Knowles also attacked the Black social media commenters who had accused Beyoncé of attempting to alter her skin tone, calling them “bozos.” She highlighted that many black celebrities had worn platinum hair at various points in history and questioned whether they were all attempting to be white.

Beyoncé arrived to Oswald’s looking absolutely lovely, ignoring the controversies surrounding her outfit. Brandon Blackwood’s miniature silver minaudière evening bag was the perfect accessory to her white pants, boots, and mink coat. The superstar’s impeccable taste in clothing seldom fails to turn heads, and this particular occasion was no exception.

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