‘Fresh Prince’ star Alfonso Ribeiro shares devastating photo of his daughter a day before her 4th birthday

In a recent Instagram post, “Fresh Prince” actor Alfonso Ribeiro revealed a heartbreaking snapshot of his daughter Ava Sue on the eve of her fourth birthday. A scooter accident left her with serious injuries that required surgical intervention. Ava Sue suffered serious bruises and burns around her right eye, shoulder, and elbow after falling from her sit-down scooter.

With the help of Kare MD Skin Health, Alfonso received immediate attention in an effort to reduce scarring. He was impressed by Ava Sue’s courage during the operation. Angela Ribeiro, Alfonso’s wife, foresaw the tragedy and warned against taking any chances on Ava’s birthday. Ava was warned by her mother, but sadly, she collapsed soon after.

Kare MD Skin Health’s Dr. Raffy recommended surgery to lessen the likelihood of scarring. Ava Sue proved her tenacity by persevering through difficult times. The doctors and nurses were so appreciative of Alfonso and Angela for entrusting them with Ava’s care that they sent them well wishes.

We hope Ava Sue feels better soon and have a wonderful birthday party.

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