A grieving mother sells the bassinet of her stillborn child for $2; a week later, the buyer returns it transformed.

After her baby Noah was stillborn, Valerie Watts was devastated. She had treasured the excitement of her baby’s impending arrival, but a problem with the umbilical cord caused her to sadly lose him. The crib she had purchased for Noah remained a constant source of anguish for her, even after the terrible loss.

Gerald Kumpula found the crib at a yard sale a week later and asked if he might buy it. The sale to him was finally consummated after some hesitation on Valerie’s part. Kumpula had no idea the crib had a past.

But as Kumpula’s wife perused the baby clothing at the sale, she discovered the crib’s true provenance. Kumpula, moved by the ordeal, gave the crib back to Valerie and her loved ones.

Experiencing an overwhelming surge of emotion and thankfulness, Valerie remarked, “I started crying instantly.” The talented carpenter Kumpula turned the cot into a stunning seat. As they grieve, Valerie and her family can take comfort in this bench, which is a poignant reminder of happier times.

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