A case that remained unresolved for 20 years, found its outcome!

In 1997, a phony nurse abducted Celeste Nurse’s baby from a hospital in Cape Town. The Nurses spent 20 years searching for their missing child. In 2015, Celeste’s second daughter became friends with a classmate named Zephany, who shared the missing girl’s birthday and eerie resemblance. Zephany’s paternity was established via DNA testing.

When Miché Solomon’s (previously Zephany Nurse’s) true identity was revealed, it caused an upheaval in her life. Miché’s supposed mother, Lavona Solomon, was jailed on charges of kidnapping and fraud, but she insisted all along that she was innocent. A 10-year prison term was given to her.

After finding her birth parents again, Miché found herself torn between her adoptive and biological families. She stayed with her adoptive father Michael Solomon.

SA Dan Sanderson’s Maddie, in centimeters
Miché struggles with her split personality but ultimately decides to forgive Lavona while keeping her original name.

Insightful and thought-provoking, this story delves into the depths of family, individuality, and the unexpected turns of life.

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